Monday, January 16, 2017

2017 Resolution

A friend was telling me that this year they have decided to "Try not to be an Ass Hole" hmmm
I do not describe my friends as that, but hey, trying to improve is a good thing. I thought about some things that annoy me about my self and decided it is my tendency to be self righteous at times. I am not sure I do it a lot because I never held back on my opinions, but sometimes I think I get self righteous. I get that icky, closed throat sinking ship in a wave wave come over me when I realize I have done this. I do not like it in anyone so naturally I am ashamed when I do it myself.
I am trying to retrain my brain and my heart to stop thinking that way.
When someone tells me their woes, I need to just hear their woes and not immediately justify that that will never happen to me because I am so righteous. Makes me laugh now when I think of some of the bad decisions I have made.
This protective shield is not protective at all. It is deflective and screams the other person is a failure, a nit wit, a deserving failure.
Hopefully I can retrain that part of me.

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