Wednesday, October 14, 2015

IRONIES FROM Religion  observed among my family and friends.

My family and friends who evangelize on social medias, never mention God or Jesus name in family gatherings. They certinly do not stand in the middle of the room and and shout:
"If you love Jesus share this and receive a lot of money"  But they make these post incessantly on social media.

The ones who are adamant that God is the core of their life, also want to obliterate, Muslims, Homosexuals,  and anyone with an opposing opnion.

Not one of the zealots are aware of the correlation between the Jews, Christians, and Muslims, all having Abraham as their hero.

When I compare Isis to Charlamagne, they look at me with a quizzical stare.

Beleive that our country and constitution allow for Christianity only.  Therefore, to allow prayer and worship in school would mean only Chrstianity would abound. They are dumbfounded when I ask, what if the prayers were to, many God's, or witches, or rocks?  To them, prayer is only to their God.